Ross Bischoff

Posted on 11 Jun 2021

The Ross Bischoff Sellers Guide

Here is some of our insider tips when it comes to selling your property! 


  • Discontinue the electricity, water, gas and telephone.  
  • Redirect your mail at the post office. 
  • Ensure you legally change your address, as well as letting any family, friends or businesses know where you have moved. On the Australia Post website there is a very useful checklist to cover everything!
  • Cancel any deliveries such a newspapers or milk. 

Choosing an agent:

  • Be sure you can trust you agent; you have to feel comfortable with them taking your home into their hands. 
  • You want someone who communicates well, has a good reputation and knows your area well. 

Sale Method:

  • Auction or private treaty? Most agents (including myself) prefer an auction. The atmosphere and competitive nature of the market can often significantly drive the price. Sold under the hammer means the sale is unconditional. 
  • For a deeper understanding of Auctions and everything that goes into them, refer to my Auction Guide. 
  • If auctions aren't for you, there are other options for methods of sale. Selling through Private Sale/Treaty can be less intimidating and more private. However, the process can be lengthy with negotiation and the buyer has a cooling off period. 


  • Determine the value of your property. This can be difficult, there are many things that come into account such as location, size, age and any other features. Real estate agents have the right knowledge and resources to help you determine this value. 
  • Expectations: I often find that homeowners have a price expectation higher than the reality and turn out to be disappointed in the final price. Remember, your agent will always be honest with you and give you realistic market feedback, they’re there to help you! 
  • You can do your own market research by following the recent sales of similar properties in the area and attending open homes and auctions to understand the process before you experience it. 

If you are interested in selling, now or in the future, do not hesitate to reach out to me for any question! If you are interested in finding out the new value of your home, I would be delighted to provide a market appraisal for your property.